Cocom intends to connect communities for co-city living by offering property as a service. We place accessibility above ownership ensuring the optimal use of existing space in and around properties. Our dynamic approach towards property enables a property-usage model that allows anyone to live big and spend small. Maintaining this circular interpretation of property we wish to empower both hosts and guests as prolongue property lifecycles, improving sustainability and personal growth. 

Why Cocom?

  • Older people often live alone in houses that are too big for them to maintain and end up with wasted space and less social contact when they stop working and the kids grow up and move out.


  • Younger people often can not afford to invest in their dream house because the prices are too high. 


  • More and more people are living on the planet and need a place to stay with the necessary comfort, as a result, space has become a scarcity.


  • Co-housing is a static solution that requires a drastic change of space organization, not always suitable for older home owners or attractive for new buyers.


Fill 1

EGG - Playful Sharing

At the base of our application is our first core value; playful sharing. We want to keep things light and fun. This means; be creative and don't lose your sense of humor. Don't take life too seriously and enjoy the journey. Are you a host? Think of ways to create a unique environment or space. Add a little extra personality into your listing and be the entertaining host If you wish. Guests will love to use your spaces if they know they'll receive free smiles with it. It all starts with you; what you give, you receive tenfold. Live and enjoy!

Fill 3

CATERPILLAR - Sustainable Solution

Congratulations on your growth! The Caterpillar signifies the second step in our metamorphosis and coincides with our core value; sustainable solution. Space optimisation is a very important factor within the Cocom vision. If we all use our space efficiently we support a longer property lifecycle and lower the pressure on space scarcity. In turn, more trees can grow and less concrete needs to be placed to ensure us of habitable space.

Fill 5

COCOON - Easy Technology

You are starting to get the hang of it! The foundation has been laid and you are now entering a transition phase. Accessibility through easy technology is the core value that should enable all our users to be able and reach this point or at least feel welcome to do so. The Cocommunity is a large family of variety that all need to be able to access comfort. The gateway that allows them is easy technology.

Group 15

BUTTERFLY - Social Adventure

Welcome to the new you! At this point you must be convinced that co-city living is a suitable solution to increase your comfort and improve your lifestyle. The power of Cocom is it's community, and you are part of it! Getting to know people as well as locations is part of the social and environmental adventure that Cocom facilitates. Cocom can be a tool to satisfy your basic needs and can as well be used as a recreational instrument. Enjoy the journey!


MONARCH - Safe Profitability

Within the butterfly species the Monarch butterfly is king. Once you have reached Monarch status, your Metamorphosis is complete. At this point you certainly have made a worthy impact on your lifestyle and environment. Whether you are a host or a guest, reaching this level must have been profitable for you in many ways.