Interesting spaces for a shoot?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however a good location always helps! Do you have a good location for a photo shoot or a video recording? Maybe a house with cool architecture or a nice viewpoint over the city skyline? Who knows what interesting connections you might be able to make with your […]

Kids playroom

Aaah kids, gotta love them. However, they can make a huge mess if you let them. A lot of people might not have the place for their kids to make a mess. Do you have a spare room where your neighbours kids can come and play? Create a dream environment for the kids who don’t […]

Have a unique space or location? Share it!

If your space is not between these examples, don’t worry! With Cocom, anything goes, day-spaces that is. You might have a sauna, swimming pool, clubhouse, pool table, wine cellar, lounge, telescope, bubblebath or even a greenhouse, they are all welcome at Cocom because we believe in property as a service. So be creative and give […]

Your storage space might be valuable to someone

It’s as simple as storage! Recognize those moments where you need to stow away stuff because of the season? Or you might need a space to stock some material for a while. There are others like you out there. Your extra space could help them a lot. Set your price (not too high so they […]

Transform your empty space into a music room

Music maestro! Or no, wait, no place for a piano… A lot of people don’t have the option to learn the piano or play drums because they don’t have the space. Maybe you have a piano at home? Give it a try and list it on Cocom as a piano room. Place your space online, […]

Half-empty garage? List it on the app as a bike stall

Space, an undisputed scarcity in our modern cities. Having a garage in town is often seen as a privilige. You can always park your car, bike or use it as extra storage. Our switch to mobility as a service such as car-sharing might make your garage obsolete. Using Cocom you could rent it to a […]

Create a private-office for remote workers or students

Aha, working at home or working remote. Familiar to many amongst us. Always working in the same spot might become really boring after a while. Therefore, an office or desk-space could be a good solution to switch up locations and inspire a fresh state of mind. You could even rent your own home-office and swap […]

Home gym!

Staying in shape and taking care of ones body is essentiel for a happy life. You might have a gym installed at your home or converted a space into a mini-fitness. Maybe you have a tennis-court or a boxing bag, anything is possible! Think about how valuable this could be to someone whithout these options. […]

Share your work station so your neighbour can fix his bike

Are you one of the lucky ones to have a space where you can do some small woodwork, fix your bike or just tinker with some materials and make whatever you like? If your answer is yes then why not share your space with your neighbour or with others who do not have access to […]

People without a garden might love to rent your garden

In and around the city, it’s not always obvious to have access to a private garden. Many people live in appartments and have limited space outdoors which they can use to connect with nature or have a barbecue. On the other hand, people who do have gardens don’t use them every day. So if you […]

Offer your space as an atelier

There are a lot of artists, creatives or people wanting to start a new hobby such as painting, sculpturing or craftwork. However, not everyone has access to the proper space, enabling them to be free and express their artistic ideas within a suitable environment. Whether you are an artist yourself with some extra space, or […]