Half-empty garage? List it on the app as a bike stall

Space, an undisputed scarcity in our modern cities. Having a garage in town is often seen as a privilige. You can always park your car, bike or use it as extra storage. Our switch to mobility as a service such as car-sharing might make your garage obsolete. Using Cocom you could rent it to a car owner in the neighbourhood or to bike-owners. You could even get real creative and install an EV-charging socket to allow electric cars to charge while they park safely inside.

What you need

  • An empty or half-empty garage
  • Preferably: Key-box or code for long-term users
  • Extra: EV charging socket for electric vehicles or electricity to charge bikes and steps

Recommended price

  • € 5,00 – €10,00 per day depending on available amenities
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