How Cocom used JUUNOO’s wall system to flexibly create day-spaces

With 410 square meters of space at our disposal at our Flagship store location in Antwerp’s City Centre, one of the great challenges was a temporary fix that enabled the optimal use of the available surface. The challenge we faced was the fact that we were only staying at the location for four months but we also needed it to be solid enough to withstand usual weight, sound barrier and insulation. After searching and comparing various options, such as building Gyproc walls, using textiles or screens to wooden panels, we decided to partner with JUUNOO in order to create our desired spaces. The interesting part of JUUNOO’s solution is that they use reusable metal frames combined with panels, velcro and insulation. This makes it possible to rapidly create walls without creating a permanent solution and the possible damage. So in other words, all the advantages of a regular wall but none of the disadvantages, 10 times faster AND reusable! The team at JUUNOO set a special package aside for COCOM, enabling us to create the spaces we needed. From the moment of delivery, the JUUNOO team assisted us with the needed technical insights (which we can recommend are required), but once we got started, things worked out quite well. We did not need that much professional tools other than a drill and a saw and before we knew it, our walls were built!

JUUNOO’s system is a great solution if you want to temporarily divide your space into smaller fragments but can even be used as a permanent solution as the smart construction is quite solid. At least for us, JUUNOO saved us a lot of money, time and effort thanks to their ingenious system. We have added some pictures of our process below and had great reactions to the results at our Flagship store. A sustainable recommendation! Check for more information on their products and services.

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