Why Mosmuur was the perfect partner for the Cocom flagship store

The title already shares our opinion of the products and services at MOSMUUR. The Cocom team, as well as all of our visitors were all enthusiastically amazed of the creations that MOSMUUR used to liven up our interior. Our flagship store sits in a building of 410 square meters with high ceilings and a rough industrial finish with greyish tints, pillars and crisp white walls. This makes for a clear and minimal feel upon entering the space. However, it can feel a bit cold and empty if left undecorated. MOSMUUR offered COCOM a set of super fresh tiles (“Ecobricks”) that can be placed against the wall or ceiling and literally make the place come alive.

At the flagship store Wapper 7 in Antwerp, we placed the tiles in such a composition as to mimic an inner, green, connection between two corners of the same wall side. The effect is futuristic, modern and still gives a warm fuzzy feeling. The diversity of the tiles is an absolute eye-catcher and many of our guests were intrigued by these wall creatures. Finally our industrial feel came to life and this thanks to the ingenuity of MOSMUUR.

Apart from Ecobricks we also placed various mimicked plants. This was especially interesting for us because, as mentioned, the location covered quite a large surface. If we would have used all live plants, this would have been a lot more upkeep for the team. So that is why we chose for the combination. The result is a nice equilibrium between living and static elements, but always green nonetheless. If you want to liven up your interior, wether it be a professional or private environment, we certainly recommend you check them out, they have products for all measures and sizes. Thanks MOSMUUR!

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