What are day-spaces?

It’s really simple. Day-spaces are spaces we use during the daytime. For example: a garden, a garage, an atelier for art, handicraft or personal repairs, an office room, music studio, meditation room, conference room and so on. Cocom does not offer spaces where one can sleep or stay overnight. If you are not sure, visit our examples here.

How people use Cocom

1. Advertise your day-spaces for free

Download the free app and list your space in a few easy steps. Describe your space, amenities and conditions in a few easy steps. Add a couple of pictures, set your price and you are good to go! You can set specific dates and times on your calendar availability.

Listing a space is completely free of charge. You just sign up with your email address and you can start using the app.  As a user you have one account that can be used as host and guest simultaneously. How cool is that! 

2. Let your guests use the day-space

Your guests access the spaces that you offer on a specific time, date and according to your house rules. You always control who books and can decline a request for free if it does not fit your schedule.

Once your account is setup and connected to Stripe (our payment provider), you can start accepting bookings.  Once a guest sends a reservation request you will be asked to accept the reservation or to decline it. This always ensures flexibility and gives the guest reassurance before paying. Nice! 

3. Receive your profit in your account

Hooray! When all is said and done, you receive your payment into your account. Cocom charges a service fee of 15% incl. VAT on each booking. Up to your next guest or maybe book a space yourself!

A booking can only be confirmed after payment. A guest always pays the required amount at the moment of booking. This amount is reserved in your online wallet until 14 days after the booking has been successfully concluded. If all went well, the amount will be available in your wallet. You can request a payout of your balance once a month for a min. amount of € 100. Live big! 

Main features for hosts

No bookings, no costs

List your space on the app for free.Your space will gain exposure but you won't have to pay until someone books. No strings attached!

Set specific time & dates

Set your schedule to exactly the dates and hours that are possible for you or set a general timeframe. You can easily adjust your offer.

House rules & max. occupancy

Add house rules such as "non-smoking" or "keep it quiet" or even add your own rules. Set the max. amount of people allowed and relax.

Freedom to decline

You can always decline a reservation. Each time someone wants to book, you will be asked to accept the reservation before they can pay and confirm.

Verified payments

All our payments are supported and secured by Stripe. Verification of the payments pass through the Stripe framework for maximum safety.

Main features for guests

Chat with hosts in app

Get to know your host (or guest) and ask the right questions before confirming a reservation so you know everything you need, to feel comfortable.

Connect with community

Connect with your friends or make new friends. See what the people you follow like and get inspired or set the trend yourself and share your favourite spots.

Gamification with levels

Start your metamorphosis from Egg to Monarch by adding space to your profile. Share your own space or book spaces to grow your amount of surface.

Variety of spaces at your fingertips

Enjoy the variety of spaces made accessible. Find spaces for relaxation, events, work or leisure. The choice is yours.

Tailored booking

Search spaces with the right amenities and the exact time frame for your needs. Use only what you need and avoid unnecessary costs.

General features

Verified accounts

Get to know your host or ask the right questions before confirming reservation so you know you will have everything you need at your disposal.

Direct support messaging

Connect with your friends or make new friends. See what the people you follow like and get inspired or set the trend yourself and share your favourite spots.

All-in-one profile

Use Cocom as a guest or as a host, within one single profile. Enjoy the advantages of being a guest as well as the benefits of being a host.

Share spaces out of app

Share your spaces or the spaces you like on other media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Promote your spaces or share spaces to help someone out.

Add reviews

Add a review or get reviewed to ensure constant quality and good behaviour. Share with others why you think a space was good or what could be done better.

Setup account


Connecting to Stripe (Payment provider) as an individual

Step 1:

  • Select “Connect to Stripe”
  • Fill in your phone number and email address

Step 2:

  • Select “Individual Company / Eenmanszaak / Entreprise individuelle”
  • Choose; “Add product description / Een omschrijving van het product toevoegen” instead of company website

Step 3:

  • Add “Individual / Particulier” or something similar to the product description.
  • Fill in your bank details and save
  • Next you will be asked to confirm your email address and your good to go!