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Day-spaces in Belgium

Hi there! Welcome to Cocom! Our mission is to connect communities and make optimal use of existing spaces. To enjoy our full experience and book spaces or add your own spaces, we gladly invite you to download our mobile app. Here is a preview of our current day-space offer. 

La Gare 27
10,00 €/hour -
 100,00 €/day
by Vincent

What are day-spaces?

It’s really simple. Day-spaces are spaces we use during the daytime. For example: a garden, a garage, an atelier for art, handicraft or personal repairs, an office room, music studio, meditation room, conference room and so on. Cocom does not offer spaces where one can sleep or stay overnight. If you are not sure, visit our examples here.

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How to use Cocom

1. Advertise your day-spaces for free

Describe your space, amenities and conditions in a few easy steps. Add a couple of pictures, set your price and you are good to go!

2. Let your guests use the day-space

Your guests can access the spaces that you offer during a specific time, date and of course according to your house rules. You always control who books so you can remain flexible.

3. Receive your payment​

Hooray! When all is said and done, you receive your payment into your account. Up to your next guest or book a space yourself!

In need of a
change of scenery?

a Garden
an Atelier
an Office
a Music studio
a Meditation space
a Kids playroom
a Gym
a Photo studio

Per hour. Per day. Per month.

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